My name is Geoff Funk and I have been tattooing for 20 years. I am very passionate about tattooing as an art form. I enjoy working in many different styles: portraits, realism, traditional, tribal, colour or black and grey. I am always looking to push myself in new directions and to continue to grow as an artist.
 I am an approachable person and I love the process of brainstorming with a client to come up with ideas for a new tattoo. I believe that each tattoo should mean something to both the client and the artist, whether it is a small tattoo or a multi-session back piece.
 It is important to me to provide a safe and comfortable tattoo experience for my clients. I prefer to be pro active when it comes to health standards. I have blood borne pathogen training and stay up to date with safe tattooing practices on an international level.

     I have been fortunate to work in a variety of studios across North America. I spent my early years as an apprentice and an emerging artist in a high volume, tourist shop with ambitious artists from around the world. These artists were not only my teachers, but also my first "tattoo family."

 I was invited to join an art-oriented studio in Southern California, so I packed up and headed west. Once again, I was fortunate to work with great people in a close-knit environment. In the decade that followed I was able to grow as a tattoo artist, establish a dedicated group of clients and transition into owning my own studio. It was good experience and I learned a lot from it. 

In 2009 I moved to Vancouver with my family. I was blown away by the raw beauty of British Columbia, and fell in love with the city and its people. I have established a wonderful group of regular clients here. 

I feel incredibly privileged to be a part of such an amazing art form. I look forward to my next twenty years of tattooing.